Study of the Economic Impacts and Benefits of Trails in Ontario
A confidential survey by SPR Associates Inc. of Toronto
for the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

This confidential survey will be of great importance to Ontario's efforts to improve the economic impacts of trails on tourism in Ontario and the quality of life for all Ontarians.  The survey asks about the number and duration of trail trips, trail-related expenditures, reasons for using or not using trails, satisfaction with trails, trail information and examines the impact of the use of trails on individual health.  The survey is intended for all types of trail users (e.g. hikers, snowmobilers, ATVers, horseback riders, canoeists, etc.) and includes both overnight trips and shorter day outings of any duration.  There are also questions for those who do not use trails.

Instructions:  Please answer each question by selecting the appropriate response or typing your response. To navigate between questions/pages, click the BACK or NEXT buttons located at the bottom of the screen. If a response contains a 'skip' instruction, please use TAB to advance to the next applicable question.  Do not hit the RETURN key as this will exit you from the survey.

Please note:  The survey needs to be completed in one sitting (i.e., it is not possible to answer part of the survey, leave the web page, and return later to complete the rest of the survey).  Questions which are open- ended -- where you respond in your own words -- allow for a virtually unlimited response, in terms of number of words. (To ensure privacy, please do not identify individuals by name in your responses to open-ended questions.) When you have completed the survey, please remember to click SUBMIT to record your responses.  A number of questions ask for expenditures or other numeric information.  If you cannot estimate, please check the 'Cannot Estimate' box or type 'CE' in the answer box.  If there are any questions which you do not feel comfortable answering or are not applicable to you, please leave these questions blank.

If you have any questions about the overall study, please contact Mir Nazmul Islam, Policy Research Analyst, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, at: or (416) 212-0121.  If you have any questions about the on-line survey process, feel free to contact the Study Director, Dr. Ted Harvey, at:

Definitions Used in the Survey:

Trail:  A managed trail, usually maintained by the government, conservation authority, or not-for-profit organization, usually having signage (often showing the name of the organization which manages the trail).

Daytime Trail Outing:  Any short outing or trip on a trail for any length of time that does not involve an overnight stay on the trail.  It does not include the time spent travelling to the start of the trail and time returning home.

Overnight Trail Trip:  Any outing on a trail that lasts one or more nights.  It does not include the time spent travelling to the start of the trail and time returning home.

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